Business Jet Charter

Save time, fly to your own schedule and arrive at your interstate commitments with our JetCity business charter.
Private jet charter for business enables executives to fulfil demanding schedules and maximise their time efficiently.
Advantages of using JetCity business jet charter include:
  • Create your own schedule and avoid delays
  • Private terminal access, immediate boarding, discretion and security
  • Reduced need for overnight accommodation and transfers
  • Efficient and luxurious option for flying your senior personal and valued clients
  • Access to a greater selection of airports to suit your requirements
  • 25 years of corporate and VIP transport
  • Opportunities for significant cost and time savings over commercial airliners


While the cost of private jet charter can vary depending on a variety of factors, there are many ways you can take advantage of private business charter solutions and actually improve your bottom line.

Corporate Presentation (Canberra)

Avoid the typical scenario of overnighting, delayed flights or time wasting in the airport lounge. Have your Melbourne delegation travel via private charter to Canberra and return at the time of your choosing.


From $1,375 per person

Trade Show, Conference or Product Launch

Enable your representatives and valued clients to travel hassle free direct to the show, conference or trade delegation, while avoiding delays and maximising contact time. Return home, on your schedule, after a successful day of networking.


From $1,900 per person (Based on Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Hobart)

Whether you are organising a business event or team building social function, contact JetCity to discuss how we be part of your charter solution.


Please call 1300 5327 538 (1300 LEARJET) or use our Charter Enquiry form to discuss the perfect tailored flight package for you or your business.

All pricing is indicative only and dependant on a variety of factors (eg. aircraft type, location, timing and distance of flight). Estimates exclusive of GST.