Aeromedical FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our Aeromedical operations

What countries does JetCity’s Air Operators Certificate cover?

We can and do operate worldwide.


Will the patient require a visa for entry into Australia?

Yes, unless the patient is an Australian or from New Zealand.


Can JetCity arrange a visa for the patient for other countries?

Yes, we have contacts in Canberra who can arrange to issue the necessary visas and clearances provided the patient has a valid passport.


Can JetCity supply a medical team?

Yes, we can provide doctors, nurses and paramedics.


How much notice does JetCity need and how long will it take for the Learjet to be airborne?

JetCity is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. From the initial request we start the process of flight planning, aircraft preparation, arrangement of medical team and visa authorisation. Deployment times will depend on the requirements of the patient, but from the moment of confirmation we can be airborne in as little as one hour. We welcome your enquiries about our Aeromedical operations and how we can best assist you.


Can Jetcity accommodate young children?

Our medical teams are equipped with the latest neo-natal equipment and expertise to handle new born babies and young children. Our Learjets can accommodate all equipment that is required for this type of mission.


Can the JetCity provide a sea level cabin for cases of the bends or head trauma?

Yes, our Learjets are fully pressurized and can fly at 25,000 feet with the cabin pressure equivalent to sea level pressure.


Does the aircraft have seating for extra passengers such a family member or friend and can they bring luggage?

We can provide seating for extra passengers, but the final decision to carry this person will be with the medical team. Baggage is not the priority so must be kept to one small overnight bag only.


Does the aircraft have a toilet?



How may I pay for JetCity’s services?

We require payment (or other arrangements made) prior to departure. Electronic transfer, credit card or letters of guarantee are all acceptable.