Aircraft Management

JetCity is proud to manage aircraft for selected clients alongside our fleet of company owned Learjet aircraft.


With over 25 years of jet ownership experience, JetCity has a unique insight into the challenges and rewards of aircraft ownership. We recognise the value that the asset can provide to an owner whilst remaining acutely aware of the need to continually audit cost and ensure supplier integrity. Where other aircraft managers simply spend your money, we have walked in your shoes and truly appreciate the significance of monitoring each and every dollar spent on asset management. We treat each of our managed aircraft with the same care and attention to detail as our own fleet.


With your aircraft under management by JetCity, you can be assured of transparency and integrity backed by a wealth of personal experience.


Our Air Operator Certificate enables you the opportunity to generate third party revenue from aircraft charter. Our clients enjoy generous tax concessions linked to aircraft ownership by being able to demonstrate genuine ‘arm’s length’ commercial operation of their asset. We are always available to work with your accountant or financial advisor to ensure that these benefits are legitimately available to you as an owner.


Our aircraft management platform has been refined over many years and we choose to engage only with a select group of likeminded aircraft owners. If you are considering the purchase of an aircraft, talk to us to discover if we are the right fit to manage your asset.