Our charter and aeromedical services are founded on a solid base of privacy and discretion. However, we are pleased to be able to share a few testimonials about our emergency aeromedical transport services.

Emergency Paediatric Patient Transfer – Hong Kong to Melbourne


Our family cannot thank the fantastic team at JetCity enough for the compassionate, professional, and speedy service they provided during our difficult time.


Our new daughter Chloe was born in Hong Kong with a critical heart condition and it became immediately clear that she required urgent, life saving surgery that was unavailable locally. After 24 hours of rallying we located an expert medical team that could treat this condition in Melbourne at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).


Thankfully, JetCity were able to quickly facilitate the necessary flights to bring the Paediatric Infant Perinatal Emergency Retrieval (PIPER) team to Hong Kong for us. The incredible team had a 12 hour turn around time and set off with mum and daughter via the Philippines and Darwin and safely transported us back to Melbourne for our baby’s time critical surgery.


We have been absolutely blown away by the PIPER team and the Cardiology team at the RCH – It’s amazing to see what they do every day and we have no doubt it is because of them that we have our baby with us today.


A special thank you to Peter for sitting with me in Hong Kong during an emergency in the ambulance prior to boarding the flight, which took 90 minutes for the PIPER team to stabilise Chloe. I was absolutely beside myself and Peter helped to calm me down during this challenging period. The rest of the flight was completed smoothly and we have absolute confidence in the entire team.


We would like to share our sincere gratitude to you all for what you did for our baby and our family.


Amelia and James

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