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Honeywell Partnership: JetCity extends Learjet life with Primus Elite

Honeywell Customer Success Stories

Honeywell Partnership: JetCity extends Learjet life with Primus Elite

JetCity Engineering have been featured in Honeywell Aviation’s Customer Success Stories video series for their partnership in developing the Learjet DU-875 LCD Primus Elite Enhanced Feature cockpit display system.



JetCity, based in Melbourne, Australia, is an aircraft charter and engineering organization whose work includes medevac operations using two Learjet 45s.

The company decided to extend the life of the aircraft by upgrading the cockpit display from the original Honeywell DU-870’s cathode ray tube (CRT) to the liquid crystal display (LCD) offered by the Honeywell Primus Elite DU-875.

The upgrades are 7.7 lbs lighter than the original CRT displays and they are also considerably more reliable. They bring the Learjet 40/45 avionics up to current specification, including the display of Jeppesen navigation charts.

Having upgraded its two Learjets, JetCity has achieved a supplemental type certificate (STC) that gives it Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to provide Learjet 40/45 display unit replacements for other operators.

“During the creation of our STC we had a close relationship with all levels of Honeywell from the administrative side and commercial operations right through to the engineering levels.”

The JetCity Engineering DU-875 LCD drop-in replacement STC is offered in three ways – for the primary flight display, primary flight and engine indicating and crew alerting system (EICAS) display or for all display units.

“The DU-875’s liquid crystal display offers increased reliability,” said Lorne Cole, managing director, JetCity.

“The improved avionics of the DU-875 assist us with our medevac flights because they’re often at very short notice. We can be asked to depart to a foreign destination within 90 minutes of an activation, often at night and in bad weather.

“The better display clarity and the data available on those displays really makes it a lot easier for the flight crew to become familiar with the airport that they’re operating into.”