JetCity Engineering and Honeywell Primus Elite™ Partnership
Honeywell, Primus Elite, DU-875, JetCity Engineering; Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority
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JetCity Engineering receives its first global certification to enhance Learjet’s performance with Honeywell’s Primus Elite

JetCity Engineering, Avionics Modifications

JetCity Engineering receives its first global certification to enhance Learjet’s performance with Honeywell’s Primus Elite

Press release courtesy of Honeywell Aerospace

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority certification for Honeywell’s Primus Elite will improve overall operational safety and efficiency and reduce cost of ownership for Learjet 40/45 aircraft operators

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 12, 2017 – Honeywell’s (NYSE: HON) authorized modification center in Australia, JetCity Engineering, has received Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority certification for the installation of Honeywell’s Primus Elite® DU-875 Enhanced Feature Display System on Bombardier’s Learjet 40/45 aircraft. This certification marks the first for JetCity to provide this service, with the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency also expected to grant JetCity similar certifications in 2017 and 2018, respectively. With this first certification from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, JetCity can help Learjet operators in the Asia Pacific region upgrade their cockpit display system without having to fly their aircraft all the way back to modification centers in the U.S. or Europe, thereby reducing cost of ownership and minimizing downtime.

Honeywell’s Primus Elite DU-875 is a drop-in replacement for Learjet’s existing DU-870 display system, which can be fitted into the cockpit with little or no modification and requires no additional downtime, costs or pilot training to upgrade the display system. The upgrade will provide enhanced flight-control monitoring and increased display reliability, which improves the safety and comfort of passengers and aids pilots with reduced workload and faster decision-making. These benefits are crucial for mission-critical flights that JetCity specializes in, as the system helps a pilot navigate challenging terrain with enhanced awareness and performance.

“With the average age of the global business jet fleet increasing by about 11 percent over the past five years, business jet operators need to start thinking of cost-effective solutions to revitalize their fleet, such as upgrading their existing cockpit systems to improve operational efficiency and safety,” said Andy Gill, senior director, Asia Pacific, Business and General Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. “Asia Pacific is witnessing a greater opportunity for business jet upgrades driven by the increasing trend of business aviation operators in the region purchasing pre-owned aircraft. The new supplemental type certificate (STC) will significantly benefit Learjet operators and owners in Asia Pacific, as they are now able to leverage Honeywell’s technology and JetCity’s engineering services to minimize aircraft downtime and improve cost of maintenance from within the region.”

“We are excited to be a part of Honeywell’s global supply chain network by supporting the installation of the Primus Elite DU-875, which features powerful graphics and advanced functionalities for pilots and delivers significant value to Learjet operators through improved reliability and weight savings,” said Travis Stephens, avionics manager, JetCity Engineering. “The Civil Aviation Safety Authority certification reflects our commitment to provide high-quality engineering services in the region coupled with advanced cockpit technology from Honeywell. We are confident that our work with Honeywell will help boost safety and other flight operational standards in the industry.”

JetCity began the process of obtaining an STC for Honeywell’s Primus Elite DU-875 for the Learjet 40/45 aircraft in July of this year, and has successfully upgraded two Learjet 45 aircraft. The work with JetCity is reflective of Honeywell’s robust business aviation aftermarket and original equipment manufacturing footprint across Asia Pacific, which consists of 43 dealers and service centers that serve a fleet of over 850 business aviation aircraft.

About Honeywell’s Primus Elite DU-875

The Primus Elite DU-875 offers aircraft operators enhanced flight-control monitoring, providing more valuable data to pilots. Monitoring features include geo-referenced electronic charts and approach plates, moving maps, video display capability for onboard cameras (including display of Enhanced Vision if system is installed), and XM ground-based weather, improving overall awareness — especially with changing flight profiles due to weather or air traffic control — and passenger safety.

In addition, the system upgrade provides aircraft operators with improved display reliability as compared with older cathode ray tube technology, an Internal Display Unit Maintenance Diagnostic page, lower system weight by about three kilograms, and reduced cost of ownership due to lower maintenance costs. The upgrade will also reduce the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan annual pricing during and after the warranty period.

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