COVID 19 patient isolation chamber - JetCity
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JetCity COVID-19 positive patient isolation chamber

COVID 19 patient isolation chamber

Last week JetCity received its first COVID 19 positive patient isolation chamber from the Seattle Tarp Co Inc in the USA, The isolation chamber that was developed in conjunction with Virginia Mason Hospital of Seattle Washington has been modified in house and certified for use in our Learjet 45 aeromedical aircraft.

The modification completed in conjunction with our design and certification partner Plane Support entailed designing and installing an aviation approved ‘5 point harness’ for patient restraint and external stretcher securing mechanisms to allow seamless and secure transport from the hospital to the aircraft.

Although current Australian guidance does not mandate isolation chambers for aeromedical transport of positive COVID-19 patients in order to maintain the clinical isolation of the patient as well as ensuring the safety of the flight, medical and maintenance crews involved in these delicate transfers JetCity elected to follow worlds best practice by obtaining and certifying the isolation chamber for use in our aircraft prior to transporting any COVID-19 positive patients.

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JetCity COVID-19 positive patient isolation chamber