Learjet 40/45 Primus Elite Display System Retrofit | JetCity Engineering
Utilising existing aircraft Primus 1000 core components, failed DU-870 CRT display units can now be replaced using the JetCity Engineering DU-875 LCD drop-in replacement STC without the requirement of aircraft modification.
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LearJet 40/45 Primus Elite

LearJet 40/45 Primus Elite™ Display System Retrofit

The Primus Elite™ STC upgrades the existing Honeywell Primus 1000 cockpit fitted to the Learjet 40 and 45 series aircraft and replaces the DU-870 cathode ray tube displays with the DU-875 liquid crystal displays. The upgrade can be performed as either a ‘drop-in’ modification in the event of a failure of an existing DU-870 display unit or as a complete display system retrofit to upgrade the Primus 1000 display system to the latest technology unlocking the additional enhanced features of the DU-875 display units.


The Supplemental Type Certificate is offered with two installation options:


Drop-In Modification:

The Drop-In modification allows for field replacement of the DU-870 cathode ray tubes with the new technology DU-875 liquid crystal display units and can be completed as a ‘plug and play’ installation with no changes to the existing aircraft wiring or system architecture. The displays can be replaced in the following configurations:


  • Primary Flight Display
  • Primary Flight Display and EICAS Display
  • All Display Units


System advantages of the new drop-in DU-875 LCD units

  • 2 X Display System Reliability
  • Minimal downtime for display replacement (field replaceable)
  • Increased display readability and clarity when compared to CRT displays
  • 7.7LBS weight saving per display unit replaced
  • Legacy display formats retained removing the requirement for additional pilot training
  • HAPP (Honeywell Avionics Protection Program) savings on 4 screen replacement
  • Staged upgrade path to the Primus Elite Enhanced functionality including geo-referenced Jeppesen Charts, Maps, XM Weather overlays


Primus Elite Enhanced Feature Modification:

The Primus Elite Enhanced feature installation allows for the upgrade of previously installed DU-875 ‘drop-in’ display units or for a complete installation replacing all existing DU-870 cathode ray tube display units with the new DU-875AF Liquid Crystal Display Unit.


System advantages of the new Enhanced Feature DU-875AF LCD units

  • 2 X Display System Reliability
  • Increased display readability and clarity when compared to CRT displays
  • Legacy display formats retained on Primary Displays, EICAS, and Multi-Function Display when operating in ‘Legacy Mode’
  • 30.8LBS weight saving per display unit replaced when replacing CRT displays
  • Additional HAPP (Honeywell Avionics Protection Program) savings when upgrading to the full Primus Elite Enhanced Features.
  • Display of Enhanced Navigation Map on Multi-Function Display with TCAS overlay
  • Display of XM Graphical Weather (in coverage areas) on Multi-Function Display
  • Growth path to Primus Elite Advanced Features (Synthetic View currently in development) and future Phase software implementations.


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One STC, all options


All customers purchasing the JetCity Engineering Pty Ltd Learjet 40/45 Primus Elite STC have the option to complete either the ‘drop-in’ or ‘enhanced feature’ installations with the purchase of a single STC approval. This allows an operator the freedom to stage the upgrades if desired without additional STC purchase costs to upgrade to the ‘enhanced features’ at a future date.*


* No additional charge applies to aircraft where no alterations to STC documentation package are required to account for aircraft specific aircraft modifications beyond normal aircraft equipment configurations.


Installation Kit

For ease of installation JetCity Engineering has created a custom Learjet 40 and 45 installation kit for the Primus Elite Enhanced Features. The installation kit contains the following:


  • Customised Learjet Cursor Control Device
  • DU-875 enhanced rack expansion connectors
  • Installation wiring (pre-cut to length non terminated)
  • Miscellaneous connectors and installation hardware


Installation kits are subject to availability, please contact travis@jetcity.com.aufor installation kit availability and lead times.

JetCity Customised Learjet Cursor Control Device
JetCity Engineering Customised Learjet Cursor Control Device

Primus Elite Enhanced Feature ‘Fly Away Installation Kit’

JetCity Engineering can also provide on request a ‘Fly Away Installation Kit’, the installation kit contains all components for your maintenance facility required to complete the full Primus Elite Enhanced Feature installation and contains the following:


  • 1 x Learjet 40/45 Primus Elite Supplemental Type Certificate Documentation Package
  • 4 x DU-875AF Enhanced Feature Display Units
  • 4 x DU-875AF Mounting Racks
  • 1 x DL-1000 Data Loader
  • 1 x XM Weather Receiver (optional)
  • 1 x Primus Elite Software
  • Customised Learjet Cursor Control Device
  • 1 x Learjet 40/45 Primus Elite Installation Kit
  • 1 x Learjet 40/45 XM Weather Installation Kit (optional)


Please contact us for competitive package pricing.


Frequently asked questions


Why should I replace the existing display units on my aircraft?

In addition to overcoming the obsolescence issues relating to the decreasing availability of DU-870 Display Unit repair components the Primus Elite™ Enhanced Feature upgrade enhances the Learjet 40/45 cockpit to improve Safety and situational awareness through the display of a geo-referenced aircraft position for departure, arrival and approach charts along with charts of airport runways and taxiways. The upgrade also provides enhanced navigation maps for two-dimensional illustration of flight plans, XM weather, traffic, and geographical boundaries.


Additionally the upgrade is represented in the aircraft Blue Book as an ‘add for’ further increasing the value of your aircraft.


Are there any wiring changes required for the drop-in DU-875 Display Unit replacement?

There are no wiring or aircraft modification changes required for the drop-in DU-875 replacement, the original display is simply removed and replaced with the new LCD display unit and can be done simply in the field if required.


I have purchased a drop-in DU-875 screen to replace one of my failed DU-870’s. Can I still use this screen for the enhanced upgrade when I choose to complete the upgrade?

Yes, the DU-875 drop-in display unit (P/N K9321060A14) can be upgraded by an ‘on the wing’ software upgrade to DU-875AF P/N K9321062A11 that will allow installation as part of the enhanced feature upgrade.


Are there any special promotions available for display unit purchase?

Honeywell are currently offering a trade-in credit of USD$35,000 for each DU-870 that has been guaranteed through to the end of 2019 when a DU-875 is purchased as a replacement unit for a Learjet 40/45.


Are there any other incentives to installing the new display units?

Honeywell are offering the following additional HAPP incentives.

Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP) Incentive for customers that upgrade just their CRT displays to LCD’s:


  • New HAPP customers will receive $2500 off first year contract price for each display upgraded
  • Existing HAPP customers will be able to convert to a new hourly contract to extend upgrade coverage


Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP) incentive for customers that upgrade to Primus Elite: New multi-year agreement with fixed 3% escalation:


  • First year FREE HAPP coverage
  • Second and Third year $10,000 off regular contract price


What additional features are gained when installing the enhanced feature upgrade?

  • Enhanced Map displaying Geopolitical Boundaries, Aircraft Heading (North or HDG Up), FMS Flight Plan, Airports, Navaids, Airways, Airspace, Aircraft Position, TCAS overlay
  • Jeppesen Charts
  • XM Weather overlay on enhanced map (if optional XM weather installed)
  • Upgrade path to Primus Elite Advanced Features (Synthetic View currently in development) (click link to short story on SVS development)


What is required to complete the full Primus Elite™ enhanced feature upgrade?

The full enhanced feature set upgrade requires significant wiring additions as well as additional components to complete the installation. Required components:


  • 4 x DU-875AF Liquid Crystal Display Units
  • Learjet 40/45 Primus Elite™ software package
  • Display Unit enhanced mounting trays
  • Learjet 40/45 Custom Cursor Control Device
  • DL-1000 Data Loader
  • Learjet 40/45 Enhanced Functionality Installation Kit
  • Learjet 40/45 XM Weather Installation Kit (If optional XM Weather installed)
  • XM Weather Receiver (If optional XM Weather installed)


What is the aircraft down time for the Primus Elite™ enhanced feature installation?

Estimated downtime for the enhanced feature installation is 5 to 10 business days.


Who can carry out the Primus Elite™ installation and upgrade?

Authorised Honeywell Avionics Dealers are approved to perform the Primus Elite™ installation, however as the worldwide STC holder, JetCity Engineering are able to provide advantageous pricing on display unit purchases and STC packaging and can provide installation components and assistance to your own maintenance facility should you wish to complete the upgrade ‘in house’.


For any STC enquiries or special package pricing please contact travis@jetcity.com.au

For all enquires relating to the Learjet 40/45 Primus Elite™ Drop-In or Enhanced Feature upgrades or to discuss Display Unit or STC Package Pricing please contact:


Mr Travis Stephens
Chief Engineer
JetCity Engineering
T +61 3 9330 1555


Packages Offered:

Single Display Unit (including STC)

Dual Display Unit package (including STC)

Four Display Package (include STC)

Full Learjet 40/45 Primus Elite Upgrade Package